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Behind the idea… one man: Alain-Dominique PERRIN.
Because he believed that outdoor accommodation in France should follow in the footsteps of that commonly found in other countries and in other cultures, his ORIGINAL CAMPING concept saw the light of day in 2010.

La bonne humeur est partout, le confort est total et les animations originales dans une ambiance exclusive.

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A delicious melting pot of what exists in Canada, in Northern Europe and even in the campsites of Sub-Saharan Africa; his ORIGINAL CAMPING concept focuses on 5 core values:

  • Environmental protection
  • An offer of innovational rental accommodation that fosters sustainable development
  • Local heritage promotion
  • A back-to-nature, back-to-authenticity philosophy
  • Very high-quality services.


A new generation of exceptional sites that are at one with nature and that propose an innovational interpretation of business standards. Holidaying in an ORIGINAL CAMPING site, above all, means enjoying an exceptional environment where the greatest attention is paid to customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Domaine Le Midi, an ORIGINAL CAMPING brand!
Get away… Relax... and Enjoy...

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Propreté 7.1/10
Emplacement 7.2/10
Activities 7.5/10
Rapport qualité/prix 6.7/10
Adapté aux enfants 7.9/10
Restauration 7.0/10
Sanitaires 6.3/10
Accueil 8.2/10
Piscine 7.8/10
Paysage 8.3/10
Animation 7.6/10
Mobil Home 6.8/10